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Steven · Post · Hitchcock


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It's freezing cold outside. It feels as if it's colder at night than in the daytime. When I happen a river when it's cold outside, it's fun to stand there and look at it for a few minutes. Then it gets so freezing cold, that it becomes necessary to rush back inside. No such luck for doing so at night though. With night appearing to be colder in temperature than the daytime, it's often better to stay indoors as often as possible. You would figure that the freezing cold would bring an end to all sorts of mischief making, but no such luck if the evening news is any indication. And with the chaos of the evening news on television, it's reassuring to step outside to enjoy the great outdoors---Weather permitting. Sometimes you take what little you can get when it's freezing cold outside.
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Columbus, Ohio
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Youth by Foxes
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