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Zimbabwe was conquered almost nearly from the start. Mapungubwe Kingdom (Which started in the 9th Century and ended in the 14th Century) held control over the country between 1075 to 1220. Upon which, Zimbabwe itself became an empire between 1220 to 1450. But after seeking independence to becoming a kingdom in it's own right, the nation got conquered again and this time by the Kingdom of Mutapa (Which started in 1430 and ended in 1760) between 1450 to 1760. The Rozwi Empire kind of overlapped with the Kingdom of Mutapa in it's conquest of Zimbabwe between 1684–1834. Upon which Zimbabwe was independent, but not as a kingdom this time until the British South Africa Company conquered the nation for the purpose of operating mines. This time, not dominated by another African nation, but this time dominated by Caucasians from Europe. Zimbabwe was renamed Southern Rhodesia. From 1890 to 1923, there were five Administrators of Southern Rhodesia and all of them were Caucasians. A variation of Apartheid was the rule when Southern Rhodesia was almost on it's way to become a colony of England. The sun never setting on the British Empire came at the expense of Southern Rhodesia. And from 1923 until 1979 there were eight Prime Ministers of Southern Rhodesia and all of them were Caucasians and all of them originated from England.
Bishop Abel Tendekayi Muzorewa became the first African leader of Zimbabwe since 1890 of the renamed nation of Zimbabwe Rhodesia. However, the Pro-American and pro-capitalism nation of Zimbabwe Rhodesia only lasted seven months when England invaded the nation and it became a colony of England ruled by a variation of Apartheid once again. Caucasian and British born Lord Soames ruled the renamed nation of Southern Rhodesia as it's first and only Governor between December 11, 1979 to April 18, 1980. The all white government of Southern Rhodesia was overthrown by an America hating and capitalism hating regime of President Canaan Banana. Southern Rhodesia was renamed Zimbabwe. The government lead by President Canaan Banana only lasted seven years from April 18, 1980 to December 31, 1987. Robert Mugabe was Prime Minister under the regime of President Canaan Banana and Robert Mugabe eventually revolted against his boss. President Canaan Banana was overthrown, arrested for charges of sodomy and replaced by President Robert Mugabe from 1987 to current. President Robert Mugabe continues to rule Zimbabwe as an anti-American and Anti-Capitolism socialistic dictatorship to this exact moment of time.
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